Choosing your web hosting package

The hosting plans shown here are not the only hosting packages available. There are numerous hosting plans available, and it can sometimes feel like a “hosting nightmare”, to know which one to go for. Below are the affiliate partners we work with. We can of course use any hosting of your choice.

If you’re not sure, which hosting plan best suits your needs feel free to talk to us. We’re happy to point you in the right direction

Hosting Partners

They provide website tools, hosting, and personalised email all in one plan. Please either click on the image above or the buy now button to ensure you get your £5 discount.


They provide a range of hosting plans to suits your needs. Provide an all-in-one dashboard, fast reliable performance, and some of the best themes and plugins. Hosting packages to fit your budget.


They provide fast and secure web hosting. They offer WordPress Managed hosting, Woocommerce Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Great hosting packages at a price you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Hosting is a file storage service for your website. Any site is made up of files kept on a web server. In simple terms your hosting package is what allows your website to be visible on the Internet. No hosting package, no website online!

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A shared web hosting service is an arrangement in which  each user gets a certain portion of the total available resources. With a shared host multiple domains are hosted on the same server, which means that the server’s capabilities are split between all the  domains. The impact of this is that associated domains may not operate at their optimum.

When considering the right hosting plan for your site below are few things to consider.
  • Includes SSL certificate – This is a common protocol used to communicate information securely online. It’s the little paddlock that appears in the top left hand side by your domain name.
  • Includes dedicated email accounts – This allows you to have email addresses such as [email protected], [email protected], etc.
  • Includes WordPress install

The cost of hosting varies on your website size and complexity, and any additional features your hosting plan may include. You can always upgrade hosting plans as your site evolves.